VBDeploy allows you to batch install multiple programs on your computer without interruptions, with widespread support for almost all types of installers.


Supported file types
  • Windows Installer (.MSI)
  • Windows Update (.MSU)
  • Executable Installer (.EXE)
    • Wise
    • Wix
    • NSIS
    • Inno
    • Custom
  • Batch (.BAT and .CMD)
  • Many other types
Command line options
For VBDeployRunner.exe
VBDeployRunner.exe [configfilepath] [nofinishedmessage]
For VBDeployNetInstall.exe
VBDeployNetInstall.exe [ipaddress]
What’s new
Version 2.5
  • Network Install
Version 2.0
  • Progress bar
  • Dark theme
  • Log file
  • Log view
  • Toggle log and task list
  • More installers


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